Traditional media

In the first half of 2017, over £5.5bn of advertising budget was spent on “traditional” media channels accounting for just over 50% of total advertising spend in the UK in that period. TV still accounts for 25% of the total media spend, a figure that has remained consistent over the last decade.

How we see it

We prefer not to talk about on line and off line or above the line or below the line. In fact, we don’t like talking about lines at all. Instead we talk about media channels and how consumers interact with them across multiple devices. We are advocates of so called traditional media channels and they often play an integral part of the campaigns that we plan for our clients.

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In our approach we have total control over our campaigns, with all trading decisions made by our internal experts

Our intelligent TV advertising

For a number of years, we have been extolling the virtues of intelligent TV advertising to help our clients hit their objectives. Technology now allows us to calculate the impact of TV ad campaigns whether through direct traffic or an uplift in brand search and we can pinpoint this down to channel and spot level. For some brands traditional TV buys work, for others its using TV ads served programmatically through connected TV’s or browsers.


Of all the traditional media channels, OOH seems to be the most likely to be available to be traded programmatically in the not too distant future. The first step in this evolution is the mass upgrading of OOH sites to digital ready status. It’s a massive investment for the media owners, but it is one that they are all undertaking. Behind TV and Direct Mail, OOH commands the 3rd biggest level of traditional media spend in the UK.


Although spend on radio advertising in the UK is dwarfed by channels such as TV, we find that Radio provides perhaps the greatest “bang per buck” of all traditional media channels, as part of an integrated campaign. It benefits from far lower production costs compared to TV and is a far more nimble and responsive channel. Radio’s biggest challenge potentially lies ahead with channels like Spotify making their inventory available to buy programmatically

Case studies


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