Programmatic display

The total programmatic ad spend in 2017 was £3.4bn which represents 79% of total UK display digital ad spend with this percentage forecast to rise by to 85% by 2019. By investing in our own agency trading desk we are ideally placed to make sure that all of our clients can trade their display campaigns programmatically through Tomorrow | TTH.

How we see it

The term “Programmatic Advertising” is widely and incorrectly used to describe display advertising. In reality programmatic simply refers to the way that media is bought with display advertising being the first media channel that allows advertisers to deliver media campaigns programmatically.

In the near future, we believe that all media channels will be able to be purchased programmatically including radio, TV, Outdoor and press. The technology is in place for this to happen but the more traditional media industries need to embrace the potential that programmatic buying delivers to advertisers for programmatic advertising to become ubiquitous.

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With our approach we have total control over our campaigns, with all trading decisions made by our internal experts

Our trading desk

At Tomorrow | TTH we partner with AppNexus to power our Adgnosis trading desk. This means that we have total control over our display advertising campaigns, with all trading decisions made by our expert in house team. As well as providing us with unparalleled global audience reach, the AppNexus trading desk also gives our trading team the very best ad tech to allow them to plan and execute our clients display campaigns.

Our approach

We are passionate advocates of the “technology and technique” approach with machine learning working hand in hand with experienced and educated human decision making. As with all of our performance marketing channels, data is central to the planning and buying decision making process with display advertising. Our Adgnosis trading desk works seamlessly with our data management platform (DMP) to ensure that all of our campaigns are constantly learning and optimising for both acquisition and retention campaigns.

Our partners

Our programmatic tech stack is made up from globally recognised market leaders, including Appnexus, Sizmek and Mapp. By intelligently interlinking these technologies we provide our clients with unparalleled reach and impact.

  • AppNexus
  • sizmek
  • mapp

Our creative

The provision of exceptional creative execution is pivotal when it comes to display advertising. By having our in-house studio team, we ensure that all display advertising creative is on brand and delivering the right message to the right audience on the right device

The studio team are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible using HTML5 across all of our display campaigns.

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Boux Avenue

Dynamic banners


Case studies

Boux Avenue

Paid Social / Programmatic / Search

Boux Avenue

Helping drive incremental revenue

Case study

Paid Social / Programmatic / Search

Our challenge was to implement our Adgnosis approach to drive incremental sales


Programmatic / Traditional


Connecting with customers and retailer partners

Case study

Programmatic / Traditional

From "always on" programmatic display to strategic OOH

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