Paid search

With over 9 billion searches made each day globally and an ever increasing amount of the results displayed being from advertising, paid search remains a bastion of cultivating and converting demand for advertisers.

How we see it

Despite the growth of other channels such as paid social and programmatic, paid search continues to be a foundation of any digital media campaign due to its’ influence on the consumer consideration funnel. It’s more complex now than ever with the combination of mobile device usage, dominance of shopping results and growth of local search. On top of this, competition for clicks remains as fierce as ever requiring constant attention and development of campaigns.

Advertisers now need to balance competitive necessity and reach against ROI whilst navigating through a rapidly evolving product set. We treat each client’s search strategy uniquely and apply big data and demographic targeting to ensure we are making the right decisions to maximise returns underpinned by our vast experience and knowledge.

By understanding the role of search in the marketing mix, we are able to ensure budget is spent with laser guided efficiency

Our team

Our expert team don’t just run search campaigns, we live and breathe the brands we work with, applying an intimate knowledge of our client’s customer journey to paid campaigns. By understanding the role of search in the marketing mix, we are able to ensure budget is spent with laser guided efficiency.

Our processes

By constantly analysing data and evaluating performance, we ensure our clients remain one step ahead of the competition. Our team has a highly analytical approach with decisions backed by data evaluated from every possible angle whether that is semantics, demographics or landing page optimisation.

Our partnerships

Tomorrow | TTH are a google and Bing partner and as part of our Adgnosis approach every single member of the performance team undertakes search exams, ensuring that our agency is plugged into search marketing regardless of their day to day function.

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