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To say marketing is “data driven” is now an understatement; never before has so much data been available and the ability to understand and translate data into actions at scale and with precision is the defining factor in developing a successful marketing strategy.

How we see it

The volume of data available to marketers continues grow at a staggering rate. However, ensuring this myriad of data is congruous, homogenised and can be leveraged to identify actionable insights is a complex task, requiring a combination of marketing know-how and data science.

We ensure that data labelling starts at the very beginning of the campaign set-up process to ensure all data points to be manipulated and campaign performance constantly assessed both cross channel and channel specifically. This enables our team to provide both high value strategic insight as well as continuously identifying marginal performance gains.


Identifying actionable insights is a complex task, requiring a combination of marketing know-how and data science

Our team

Our experienced data and insight specialists have a plethora of marketing experience, able to quickly understand the challenges that our clients are facing and delve into the data sets available to establish solutions and opportunities for growth.

Our processes

Consumption patterns are changing on an almost daily basis and our processes are set-up to identify long-term trends as well as short term opportunities. We apply smart metrics to cross channel marketing data, allowing our trading teams to make informed decisions based on empirical studies.

Our partners

We leverage data from a variety of marketing analytics platforms and crunch data using powerful Business Intelligence tools.

  • avora
  • tableau
  • google analytics
  • sizmek
  • mapp

Case studies


Data & Insight / Programmatic / Technology


Using data to drive programmatic display

Case study

Data & Insight / Programmatic / Technology

Using data modelling to understand customer value

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