"By plugging in to the Adgnosis methodology, Tomorrow are able to help us set initial budgets and trade 'in the moment'."

The brief

To deliver an incremental increase in YOY revenue from biddable channels whilst maintaining target ROAS. This was against a backdrop of established channels such as paid search becoming increasingly competitive and the challenge was to identify and scale new channels which were capable of delivering strong returns as well as positive uplift.

The plan

Rather than allocating a specific amount for each channel we applied our Adgnosis methodology by allocating budget based on tactics within the sales funnel which best reflected the tactics required for the optimal ROAS.

In real terms, this meant that we allocated as much budget as could be spent to the lower funnel activity - branded search and Facebook dynamic product ads. Upper and mid-funnel activity (prospecting via paid social, generic paid search and retargeting lapsed non-converters) was optimized based on ad impacts and cost-effective delivery.

Rather than be restrained by a CPC model, we instead focused on re-engaging users within the sales cycle and re-enforcing brand engagement which better supported other efforts and we also tightly controlled frequency and placements to keep the brand fresh and appearing in the right context using stunning dynamic HTML5 creative ad formats.

The 'upper funnel' activity was continuously tweaked in line with what was delivering the optimal impact and we decided to focus on high impact ad formats such as video and Rich Media.

Traditionally, sales had been rolled out across all channels en-masse but working closely with the Boux Avenue team, we were also able to roll out channel specific tests and offers and teasers. This meant we could target certain segments at specific times, focusing on generating an uplift in sales.


Overall Boux Avenue saw 44% revenue growth YOY from biddable whilst surpassing target ROAS. By streamlining branding and marketing messages across channels and by actively implementing Tomorrow | TTH's Adgnosis methodology, taking on a fluid approach to budget distribution based on performance provided the traction needed to see significant overall gains.

What the client said

By plugging in to the Adgnosis methodology, Tomorrow | TTH are able to help us set initial budgets and trade 'in the moment' by moving budgets seamlessly as and when required to maximise ROI and reduce wastage; ultimately this has generated double digit growth in every channel year after year. We appreciate Tomorrow | TTH's continual investment in technology and people and now also use their reporting platforms and new trade desk. Tomorrow | TTH have become a very valuable extension of our team

James Fernie, eCommerce Director, Boux Avenue

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