188BET appointed us to help manage its affiliate marketing and programmatic display advertising campaigns on both casino and sportsbook products

The challenge

Together with 188BET, we identified that with the tracking systems that we inherited, it was not possible to distinguish between a new casino and a sports book player registration or to understand true path to conversion across multiple channels.

The solution

To get around this problem, the trading team at Tomorrow | TTH created a new Adgnosis tracking pixel, that was able to distinguish between player registration type and then to de-dedupe against multiple media channels, giving 188BET previously impossible to see data.


We used all of the data and insight harvested from the new Adgnosis pixel, to allow us streamline our affiliate and programmatic display campaigns. In some cases we switched off display campaigns where affiliate deals could be brokered more cost effectively, whilst in other instances, it was better for 188BET to buy an audience programmatically instead of through an affiliate network.

The up-shot is that with the potential for double counting being eradicated immediately, we were able to re-allocate media budget across multiple channels to increase the efficiency of the overall campaigns.

In addition we are using the data from the tracking pixel to understand player value levels which are then pulled into pre-defined segments in our DMP. We are now using these segments to deliver eCRM campaigns via our programmatic display trading desk, with dynamic CPA targets based on the value of the player segment.

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